Denise Sayers

Swim School Manager­

Denise has been working at ReesLeisure for 16 years now (since the company began), and has worked her way up to Wessex Swim School Manager. Denise is behind the scenes ensuring that every child is in the class best suited to them, at every stage of their swimming career – she can also be seen weekly at our poolside sessions and enjoys talking to the parents and helping make sure each child is getting the most out of their lessons. As a competitive swimmer in her youth and having over XX years experience of teaching, Denise is perfectly suited to run WessexSwim School.

Fun fact – Denise taught both Chris and Nikki how to swim when they were younger!

Denise’s key strengths are: Memory (Denise never forgets a name… it’s amazing – test her when you see her on poolside! It’s because she cares about our swimmers so much); Organisation; Approachable; Ability to multitask.

Denise works on her health and wellbeing through walks, playing with her grandchildren and swimming

[email protected]